Millions of years of evolution, endeavors and aspirations have knit a beautiful canvas we call – The Earth. It’s a beautiful living place for us, with even more beautiful dreams we hold on to, that keep us going. As we keep walking, we see stories of conquest all across, that shape up today, build the tomorrow and beyond.

Dotlines aspires to add to millions of such stories, bringing triumphs – small and big – to those around us – individuals, families and businesses. We are a multi-country, multi-nationality team of believers and doers, who build or take a piece of technology and see how it can ignite possibilities, solve tangible problems and impact lives for better than yesterday.

Dotlines works around diverse fields of interest with technology enabled services, like building smart infrastructures and business models to take quality internet to both privileged and not-so-privileged, devicing solutions for secured internet so that “only the good shall pass”, connecting both ends of supply and demand for quality education online, bringing technology to make insurance accessible and affordable for thousands, fostering simple ways to give employment and skill building exposures to those in need and thus helping them dream bigger, bridging the divide between migrant workers with their families back home with communication and life enriching services and many more.

There are numerous areas to explore and impact lives. Dotlines has chosen a few and will select many more in days to come. Dotlines endeavors to connect dots of human talents and inner drives all across the globe, through lines of collaboration and partnership, to constantly bring impacts for millions and changes that last.

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