Draper And Dash

Draper & Dash is a provider of enterprise wide healthcare analytics, data visualisation and professional services, covering organisations across England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and the US.

The company blends industry expertise and advanced technology to deliver the most accurate perspectives and in-depth analytics. Our solutions drive actionable insights, powered by superior information assets, which are tuned to client’s precise requirements.

The key differentiation for Draper & Dash is in its hospital in a box, turn-key solution which provides the following USPs:

D&D’s Healthcare Analytics USP

1. Our healthcare content/subject matter expertise built into out of the box solutions

2. Time to value, delivering our solution within weeks as opposed to months

3. Instant healthcare specific insight

4. Cost reduction for the delivery of analytics

Draper & Dash has developed a unique proposition for healthcare organisations in the US, UK and Australia with global scalability applicable. The company’s healthcare analytics solution has not only been implemented in the largest and most prestigious healthcare systems in the UK, Australia and the US, but also has been proven to be succeed in any healthcare system globally.


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