Encedo is a cybersecurity company dedicated to enabling small and medium businesses to encrypt their data with cutting edge technology.

The internet has changed the way we work and live.

More and more personal information is housed online and the impacts of data breaches are significant, both for companies and for individuals. Our mission is to ensure that everyone can secure their data, simply and affordably.

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  • RT : Ledger co-founder and former CEO admits that governments can subpoena access to your funds when using the Ledger Recover service 🤯 ,
  • RT : New: Homeland Security is using an AI-powered tool to analyze the social media of U.S. citizens and refugees. The tool can link a person's Social Security number to their social media and smartphone location data. According to internal doc we're publishing ,
  • RT : Stop using Ledger hardware wallets. Migrate away from them immediately. They’ve shown nothing but gross incompetence and wild misunderstanding of their own purpose. And now they’ve publicly admitted to intentionally backdooring their own proprietary hardware. Stop using Ledger ,

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