Era Finance Ltd has been established to continue offering UAB Pervesk (a firm authorised by the Bank of Lithuania as an EMI back in 2017) services in the United Kingdom.

Following FCA authorisation our trading will be under the name ‘Bankera’.

Pervesk is currently operating under the Temporary Permissions Regime, which was established to allow EEA-based firms that were passporting into the United Kingdom at the end of the transition period (31 December 2020) to continue operating in the United Kingdom within the scope of their previous passport permission for a limited period of time after the end of the transition period.

Era Finance Ltd has the same director and ultimate beneficial owners as Pervesk as it is its spin-off to continue operations in the United Kingdom. Pervesk already employees 65 people back in Lithuania where it is licensed and headquarted. Pervesk is a principal member of Visa and Mastercard payment networks, and is enabling its clients to integrate financial services into their offering via white label services i.e. embedded finance. Being a member of major card payment networks Pervesk is  helping other businesses to issue payment cards as well as payment accounts to the end users. Over last 5 years Pervesk has developed its technology and has embedded robust systems and controls into its service offering in order to deliver its services to clients in a compliant manner.F


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