eSmart Systems

eSmart Systems is developing next generation smart grid software systems.

By using our solutions customers benefit from energy market price fluctuations to reduce energy consumption and climate emissions. eSmart Systems is based on more than two decades of successful and extensive international experience at operating knowledge-based and world-leading companies targeting global markets.


Latest Tweets from @eSmart_Systems

  • Today, we co-hosted a with and , regarding the latest trends within cloud technology and the industry. Great event and collaboration!
  • We´re proud to take part in the project, where available flexibility from electric storages and loads are used to stabilize the power grid and make room for more Our main responsibility is to develop the Integrated INVADE platform for the pilots. ,
  • Some people really take their pride in doing a good job, and eSmarter Bradley Naus is an excellent example of our value foundation in practice. Read more in out latest blog post. ,
  • Our CTO, Erik Åsberg, and Chief Architect, Christian Thun Eriksen, were two of Silvija Seres’s guests this evening when she interviewed leading tech profiles about new unique technologies for the LØRN.TECH-podcast series.
  • Watch our latest webinar where eSmart Systems’ Chief Analytics Officer, Davide Roverso, talks about challenges, solutions, ongoing R&D and demonstrates the maturity level of AI and machine learning. ,

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