Engaged Tracking

Engaged Tracking represents a new approach to sustainable investing. We are mission-driven specialists who believe impact investing is most effective when it is simple, transparent and measurable.

We believe in creating a clear link between corporate sustainability performance and capital allocation through our indexes. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a lower carbon, more circular and sustainable economy.



Latest Tweets from @EngagedTracking

  • Our experts Constantine Pretenteris and Pekka Piirainen presenting on climate risk in Helsinki at the Varma offices. Find out more about Engaged Tracking's TCFD implementation workshops & how we can help with your climate-related financial disclosures. 2/2
  • "It is important to understand that climate-related issues are material in risk-adjusted returns and are a key component of fiduciary duty. These issues are increasingly at the top of the regulatory agenda." 1/2,
  • Today in London, launched the report showing the results of climate risk on the world's top 20 investment firms' portfolios. ,
  • "Landmark follows government pledge to phase out coal-fired electricity by 2025." ,
  • Eight EU countries have asked heads of fellow member states to cut greenhouse gas emissions to a net-zero level by 2050 and dedicate 25 per cent of the bloc’s next seven-year budget to projects fighting climate change. ,

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