Euklid is committed to revolutionize the banking industry by combining the power of AI-driven investments and by exploiting blockchain technology.

Euklid has developed very sophisticated AI which is able to analyze financial markets in a way which far exceeds human analysis. Euklid’s AI combines elements of bio-computing, soft computing and evolutionary computation.  In this way, Eulklid’s Long-Short Equity Fund is able to outperform the market while maintaining a very low level of risk thanks to its diversified portfolio made up of over 70 among the most liquid assets between indexes and stocks.

At Euklid we believe that performance is not enough and we endeavor to provide financial services which are innovative and transparent. Blockchain technology is key to our processes and at the very essence of our philosophy. We manage client’s money with an approach based on radical transparency.  All of our operations are permanently registered on the blockchain, cannot be manipulated in any way and therefore our customers can view our track record at any time.  And an additional differentiating factor is that Euklid is among the very few institutions which perform algo-trading on cryptoassets (Bitcoin and Ethereum).

One of our longer term goals is to create a fully-automated money-management system, completely run by our AI with the purpose of providing an efficient, dynamic and convenient environment. We will offer our customers the opportunity to open a savings account connected to a debit card, allowing them to make purchases directly with the money they have earned through their investments. Also thanks to the use of blockchain technology, we will be able to execute our customer’s payments more rapidly and with lower fees. Wire transfers and Western Union are things of the past.



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