eye capital

DMA Technology

We develop Direct Market Access Technology for Financial Institutions Investors and Markets:

– FIX Protocol platforms.
– Web Service platforms.

Algorithmic Trading

We code complex strategies and we perform high level research on:

– Low Latency Algorithms.
– High Frequency Trading.
– Risk Management.
– Artificial Intelligence for Finance.

Operative Systems:
OpenBSD | FreeBSD | GNU/Linux

Programming Languages:
C/C++ | R | Python | Ruby | Erlang

Infrastructure & Networking:
High Performance Computing | Big Data | Cyber Security

Blockchain Technology

We develop and research technology based on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for Finance and Banking.

Investment Strategies and Automated Trading Algorithms to create crypto-currency portfolios.

Blockchain Technology to offer alternative means for banking services such as transfers, payment and cybersecurity.

Ethereum to create intelligent contracts.

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