Flow is a FinTech specifically focused on keeping retail businesses in developing markets flowing. We address the key bottleneck of digital finance ecosystems: e-money liquidity. We solve this challenge through integrated solutions including data analytics, credit scoring and loan management. Our partners are digital platforms whom we help to increase transactions, revenue and customer loyalty.

Hundreds of millions of people in developing markets now bank through digital solutions. They rely on retail merchants (“agents”) to be able to convert cash into e-money and vice-versa. The 5 million+ mobile money and banking agents are therefore the key foundation for the growing digital finance ecosystems of the developing world. Importantly, these agents must pre-fund their business and consequently cannot serve customers when they lack capital or cash flow. In Uganda for example, 14% of daily transactions are rejected by agents due to lack of e-money.

This is the problem we seek to solve. It is a multi billion dollar opportunity. We also provide solutions for merchants to enhance cash flow of their non-financial lines of business. We deploy all our solutions through partnerships with digital platforms.

We are a team of entrepreneurs who have implemented FinTech solutions across Asia, Africa and Latin America for years. We know how to make things happen in our target markets. In addition to London, we have offices in Uganda and India.

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