Forensic Alpha

We use proprietary NLP algorithms to perform a forensic analysis of public company filings. We turn unstructured data found in the notes to the accounts and in the governance disclosures into structured data. We process and analyse that data, hunting for the presence of common red flags that are known to be indicators of weak fundamentals, imminent problems and/or, in extreme cases, fraud.  Our clients are mainly asset managers and hedge funds, looking to identify companies that may be at risk.
We are led by a management team comprising three experienced founders: an ex-portfolio manager from a top investment firm, a technology expert with a background in artificial intelligence and a veteran global asset management executive.


Latest Tweets from @ForensicAlpha

  • $GRAB a strong contender for smallest/ least visible footnote in an investor presentation
  • Grab Holdings took full advantage of the 4 month deadline to publish their 20-F, so investors may have missed some of the key red flags in this document $GRAB ,
  • "We love these development programmes...but the accounting proved difficult" When in doubt...blame the accounting $BA ,
  • It's pretty unusual for a company to have over €600m of receivables that are past due more than 1 year, so this one caught the attention of our algorithms... ,
  • Convinced there must be a correlation between time taken to download a simple pdf copy of the annual report from a company's website and accounting fraud...a future project for us perhaps?,

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