GLOBAL UBT  offers a wide range of activities in various fields such as; education, training, research and counseling. Meanwhile, it is worth emphasizing that this diversity includes international organizations in various sectors; a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) both urban and rural-based; public sector and community and voluntary organizations.

GLOBAL UBT contributes to improving social and economic life by using its international knowledge networks to create opportunities for local enterprises, public bodies and the community and voluntary organizations to participate in international projects, thereby enhancing their knowledge base, networks trading and effectiveness.

Latest Tweets from @UBTEducation

  • UBT and EON start with the new version of AI, this project exceeds the figure of 30 million dollars - ,
  • UBT and EON are starting with the new version of artificial intelligence, in a project worth over 30 mill. $, which is one of the largest investments in the world in terms of STEM in the field of education, making Kosovo part of the world leadership of modern technologies.
  • LIVE: Diskutim me Dr. Rudina Jasini ,
  • Rector of UBT, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi has visited the University of Tirana, namely the Faculty of History and Philology, Department of Digital Humanities, in which case "History Lab 12" was held, an open discussion with students and professors of this faculty.
  • Learning, reading, games, creativity, enjoyment and socializing with each other are just some of the special characteristics of UBT High Schools, which make students increase their productivity and develop their skills.

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