Heckyl Technologies

Heckyl Provides Real Time Financial Information,News Analytics and Heatmaps to Get Exclusive Coverage of Markets, Companies and Businesses

Our goal is to provide high quality financial information that matters to “You” in real time.

We cover Forex, Commodities, over 15000 Public listed companies, a few hundred private companies & startups, along with the world top Private equities players, Hedge funds, Fund Managers and Venture capitalist firms.

The beauty lies in its simplicity. Information is short and actionable, allowing a person to read several interesting bits of financial information from various sources at a glance.

Discovery is a key focus of the site. It’s important for people not to miss any important business event in the world. Using Heckyl it becomes simple to get the most relevant information that matter “Only You” in real time.

In essence, Heckyl helps you explore new ideas and keep pulse on the current business events/issues. Whether you are a short term trader, investor, or Fund Manager, and whether you prefer equities, forex, or commodities, you will find a wealth of information that matters to “You” streaming at your fingertips.

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