MadfooatCom is the first e-payments company in Jordan, established in 2011 with an investment by Oasis500, aiming to disrupt the cash payments in the emerging markets.

In 2014, MadfooatCom won the bid for the Central Bank of Jordan’s project to build and operate eFAWATEERcom; the national electronic bill presentment and payment service in Jordan.

Today, it is connected to more than 92% of the banks and more than 130 billers including all telecom, utilities, private and government sector billers (Customs dept., e-Gov, ministry of Finance, social security, traffic tickets, etc…), and has processed till date, more than 10.3 million bills worth of more than 9 billion USD. The government of Jordan decided to use eFAWATEERcom for all its payments. By the end of 2017, more than 10 government services will stop using cash and transfer to ePayments using eFAWATEERcom in a government plan to digitize all government services and payments by 2020. MadfooatCom is now expanding to other countries (Algeria, Kenya, Palestine, Oman…), and is an active member of Endeavor Entrepreneurs’ global network and EO network.

MadfooatCom’s CEO and Founder (Nasser Saleh) received the award of excellence from his majesty King Abdullah II for the company service: eFAWATEERcom which made the people life easier by introducing ePayments for most of their payments.

In January 2018, Mr. Nasser also received the Mohammad bin Rashid Award at Dubai for the best Service Company in the Arab World.

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