Manigo is an international money and social payments platform with a multi currency MasterCard. Our goal is to create the ultimate financial tool where all financial apps come together in order to give you the perfect experience. We strive to become your wallet’s best friend.

Manigo’s multicurrency wallet and the Manigo MasterCard will help you save money and avoid bank’s hidden fees by using the right currency wherever you are. Share unforgettable times with your friends and don’t worry about the money. With Manigo requesting, collecting and splitting money in groups is as easy as sending a text. Spend wisely with the budget manager, knowing that all your transactions and expenses can easily be monitored and analyzed.

And this is just the beginning. We are on a mission to create an interoperable payment ecosystem combining mobile money and cards, thereby resolving lots of pain points of traditional payment systems. Our suite of consumer, business and merchant accounts featuring MasterCard debit cards and awesome front end-solutions will empower you to focus on your mission, whilst we take take care of the rest.

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