Maxa Group

Maxa Group addresses the global ecommerce payment market, which is today dominated by so called Card Not Present (CNP) payments, where the consumer enters the card information manually and the merchants are liable for the fraud losses. CNP payments are very easy to forge and consequently CNP fraud is growing fast, exceeding 70% of all card payment fraud.

Maxa Online Contactless acts as the Online Merchant’s Contactless EMV POS terminal on the consumers smart phone performing Card Present transactions, thus eliminating the CNP fraud and related costs such as chargeback fees.

Using Maxa Online Contactless could not be easier for consumers, just a tap of a Contactless EMV card like at a point of sale.

Maxa Online Contactless is PSD2 and PCI compliant with two-factor authentication enabling also high value payments above the Contactless card limit. The Maxa Online Contactless solution is protected with patents in all target countries.

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