Green Wallet

Green Wallet is a sustainable digital wallet that connects shoppers with sustainable businesses at different payment touchpoints and lets you shop for ethical and sustainable products direct from the app.

We believe in the power of a conscious wallet. When we all vote with our wallets, we exercise our true socio-economic power and create a voice for a growing community who want to see a more sustainable and greener future.

In addition to all the services you would expect from a digital wallet such as store your payment and loyalty cards safely, pay online and in-store, send or exchange money with our bio-degradable pre-paid debit card, Green wallet brings sustainable shopping to your fingertips and connects you to sustainable merchants everywhere; online and in-store.

Green Wallet empowers you to take back control of your spending and do it consciously to effect change and contribute to environmental causes.

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  • Great article by the Wharf life featuring and interview with our Founder and CEO Wharf Life Sept 11-25 via @issuu,
  • Why conscious shopping and spending can change the world, checkout article. via @LinkedIn,
  • Our message to the world is to create a greener and sustainable future and put your money where your values lie.,
  • Green Wallet will be at every payment touch point connecting customers to sustainable businesses everywhere. You can shop with your Green Wallet and feel good about your spending. This will go a long way to say YES! to change and NO! to unethical practices. ,
  • Plant-based products are only just entering the mainstream. Consumers do not have sufficient choices to fully satisfy a sustainable lifestyle decision. Green Wallet was created to fill this gap. ,

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