Nebeus is a full service financial services platform enabling our customers to buy, sell, store, lend and borrow cryptocurrency.

Nebeus proprietary technology platform began development in 2014 and we now have teams in London’s Levelel39 Canary Wharf and Barcelona’s digital hub . The Nebeus strives to deliver a highly convenient, client-oriented service that enables full benefit of the rapidly developing cryptocurrency markets – all while being highly secure, ultra low-cost and efficient with a best-in-class backend settlement platform providing liquidity on three core exchanges in Hong Kong, Tokyo and London. This provides our customers secure wallet, tight bid-offer spreads in addition to unique peer-to-peer lending and borrowing.


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  • Did you know: you can send crypto anywhere in the world with 0% fees on our network! Sign up for our wallet in just minutes: ,
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  • Our open API gives you and your business full access to a complete financial services toolkit. Helping you build your own platform for trading, storing, borrowing, remitting and spending fiat and cryptocurrency! ,
  • The way it should be, volatility is the enemy of cryptocurrencies. Global adoption will only come when people see there are no dramatic price fluctuations from day-to-day. ,

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