NetScientific PLC

NetScientific PLC is a life sciences and sustainability technology investment and commercialisation group.

We leverage trans-Atlantic relationships and global opportunities to deliver shareholder value.

We look to maximise shareholder returns through focused execution of our investment strategy with current portfolio companies, and targeted investments in existing and new investment opportunities.

NetScientific develops a customised investment and realisation strategy for its portfolio companies.

We seek to enable the companies we work to access the right type of funding, proactive management support and resources specific to their sector, stage of development and available opportunities.

NetScientific is a holding company of its various technology businesses. It is not an AIM Investing

Our subsidiary company, EMV Capital is an investor and corporate finance specialist. EMV Capital and NetScientific have originated and executed co-investments with Corporate venture capital involvement, and have helped develop corporate collaborations. This capability and the growing network of corporate contacts provides deal flow, validation partners, routes to market and routes to exit for portfolio companies.

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