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Vendors are challenged as the market realises that software and technology products do not really address the root causes of vulnerable infrastructures, which are the lack of discipline, knowledge and resources.

A new era for the Cyber Security market starts to emerge as clients are increasingly reluctant to buy more “new” technology for the “ever’ emerging threats and look for alternatives…

OBRELA SECURITY INDUSTRIES delivers Cyber security using a disruptive business model and thinking: Cyber Security As a Service, and addresses an emerging demand for Service Providers that can offer an “Umbrella” of end2end security services under which clients can rest assured and focus on their business.

Using security analytics and sophisticated risk management technology we dynamically protect our clients by identifying, analysing, predicting and preventing security threats in real time.

With engagements that include Financial Institutions, Stock Exchanges, Telecommunications, Critical Infrastructure, Gambling and on-line Service Providers, we collect and analyse structured and unstructured data generating valuable intelligence for new, emerging and advanced security threats giving our clients a unique advantage in predictability, preparation and response.

We have proven these services can be delivered professionally and consistently in numerous engagements and diverse projects, addressing a multitude of information security disciplines and industry-specific requirements.






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