PingPong Digital

Vision: “Our team will change the way you think about Chinese Digital Media. We believe that creative thinking, direct connection and an innate understanding of China, allows us to help brands in a way no other agency can.

Mission: To build a bridge between Western brands and China. Connecting western businesses with Chinese audiences in a way that helps build life long relationships.

Goal: To offer the services that allow our clients to connect with their consumers wherever they go, whilst continuously adding value to our clients business and their customers experience.

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  • Did you know has social functions besides sharing short videos? These include group chats and other messaging services. These added features seem to be are part of a larger strategy popularized by Could Douyin be the next Super App? ,
  • "ByteDance, which owns popular video sharing app , is already working to enter the smartphone business and the music streaming space. It appears the world’s most valued startup also has ambitions about developing its own search engine. Kind of." ,

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