PingPong Digital

Vision: “Our team will change the way you think about Chinese Digital Media. We believe that creative thinking, direct connection and an innate understanding of China, allows us to help brands in a way no other agency can.

Mission: To build a bridge between Western brands and China. Connecting western businesses with Chinese audiences in a way that helps build life long relationships.

Goal: To offer the services that allow our clients to connect with their consumers wherever they go, whilst continuously adding value to our clients business and their customers experience.

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  • From all of us we would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year, good health and lasting prosperity.
  • 4 Chinese Digital Marketing trends to look out for in 2020. I bet you can't guess all of them. ,
  • We held our annual meeting yesterday with our UK offices in attendance and input from our global teams. It was a day of open discussion and fun activities. We are proud to have such a diverse and hardworking team and look forward to making 2020 even better!
  • It's only Jan. and TikTok just passed a major milestone. 400 million ADU with an impressive market penetration rate in China. ‘Douyin [as it's known there] already makes up 67.9% of China’s mobile social network users and 59% of smartphone users.’ ,
  • RT : In order to succeed in China’s ecommerce market, western businesses need to understand trust – by founder ,

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