Pitchflix TV

The Pitchflix.tv platform allows founders to upload a pitch video, which can be created conventionally (recorded at a physical demo day event, from a Zoom, directly on a phone) or generated by AI on the platform.

Registering the video along with company metadata makes it discoverable by our substantial investor network – who can create playlists targeting the businesses that closely match their investment thesis, reaching an understanding of the proposition more quickly and effectively that via a pitch deck alone.

Pitchlix uses a technology and workflow which allows us, from London, to live stream and record in-person demo days from anywhere in the world – a unified “channel” for live pitch discovery – which has allowed us to build a deep searchable pipeline resource for investors, rapidly.

Pitchflix host a regular in-person series “rev™” at L39 where we invite up to 20 VCs to explain their proposition to an audience of pre-seed to Series B founders; and founders can also find on on our platform video database of reverse pitches, EPIC, which we are building in collaboration the EIS Association.

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