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RedCloud believes that technology is universally changing the way in which services can be accessed by everyone the new digital economy.

Our mission is to address the significant technological challenges in creating digital marketplaces where banks, businesses, governments, retailers, insurers, and any service provider, can offer services digitally. We are creating the infrastructure for digital financial services marketplaces in emerging economies, ultimately improving financial inclusion and economic development.

We believe that removing physical cash can solve many problems facing entire financial supply chains globally. Our open architecture and mobile technology platform provides a robust solution to the distribution of services to anyone, anywhere, on any device.

We have offices in London, Paris, Cambridge, Casablanca, and Buenos Aires. Plus a growing partner network in Africa, Latin America, and SE Asia – our key markets.

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  • Accounting teams spend 90% of their time reconciling & 10% analysing. RedCloud is changing that. Using patented , our portal automates the reconciliation process, freeing up valuable time+resources & empowering you with insights about every participant. ,
  • that 90% of companies that are preparing for disruption are focusing their growth strategy on collaborative ecosystems. Particularly when powered with mobile capabilities, enable business models that can sense, adapt, and respond in real time. - ,
  • RT : 1993 ➡️ 58% of people in poverty. 2016 ➡️ 10% of people in poverty. 📕 Read more: ,
  • At the core of is the guarantee that your tech promotes an equitable, robust & inventive ecosystem in which every participant thrives. Here at RedCloud, we've dedicated ourselves to ensuring that and underpin all that we do. ,
  • “Organizations that don't have high-level strategy driven by their business strategy will increase their risk of failure & wasted investment.” (Gartner) RedCloud’s partnership with allows us to offer our customers a cost-effective, secure, and solution. ,

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