RedCloud Technologies

RedCloud believes that technology is universally changing the way in which services can be accessed by everyone the new digital economy.

Our mission is to address the significant technological challenges in creating digital marketplaces where banks, businesses, governments, retailers, insurers, and any service provider, can offer services digitally. We are creating the infrastructure for digital financial services marketplaces in emerging economies, ultimately improving financial inclusion and economic development.

We believe that removing physical cash can solve many problems facing entire financial supply chains globally. Our open architecture and mobile technology platform provides a robust solution to the distribution of services to anyone, anywhere, on any device.

We have offices in London, Paris, Cambridge, Casablanca, and Buenos Aires. Plus a growing partner network in Africa, Latin America, and SE Asia – our key markets.

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  • in require access to finance and marketing in order to truly unlock their potential. By identifying and analysing customer behaviour, businesses can both become more profitable, and grow. ,
  • Payments-related innovation is particularly necessary in countries dominated by By providing customers the ability to send and receive real-time payments, we help create in people's financial lives so they can save and prosper. ,
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  • The most successful financial services players are the ones actively embracing AI to provide customers with engaging solutions and experiences. Harnessing and using data company-wide allows businesses to better serve customers, now and in the long run. ,

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