Regal 38I83

Regal 38I83 is regulatory / Compliance software for financial services. It provides a centralized regulatory Matrix with a twist; it allows every member of staff to easily understand what Regulation requirement they have to comply with by visualizing how all Regulations’ principles are interlinked to each other and pinpoint what they need to do.

​After we install ReGal 38I83 within your system, you will be able to review and comply with all compliance obligation and relieve your compliance department (“All employees within financial institutions are now compliance officer” FCA, 2017).

ReGal 38I83 concept has recently been praised by Charles Randell, Chair of the FCA, during Reuters Conference. He confirmed our Founder’s view, compliance with Regulatory Framework should not be a “box ticking” exercise but compliance with Regulatory Principles.

ReGal 38I83 will guarantee that you pass all Regulatory, Compliance Audits. This new technology uses big data, colour spectrum and visual art to create the desired regulatory matrix in compliance with your company requirements.

​Hush – Hush: …..EKYC/AML Cleared Account – “Cristal Card” coming soon…this will comply with 5th AML Directive and future AML Regulations…..stay tuned!

About Us

After having worked for years in financial services, Hanifa Azri, our founder decided to change the way things have been wrongly done for decades. She partnered with Aiden Weston, Associate Director and Steve Johnson, Talent Finder to create ReGal 38I83. Their single mission: Remove the burden on Compliance departments.

They have a unique expertise in all major European Regulations (MAR / MiFID 2 / PSD2 / GDPR…), Financial products and Crypto-currencies. Hanifa and Aiden are part of the European working group on Crypto-currencies Regulations.

They Care about people; this is why they are the best at what they do.

They do things their own way; “a Company with a Heart”.

They give a fair percentage of all their proceeds to charities contributing to the welfare of our Planet’s Ecosystem.

Regal 38I83 already partner with several high streets banks and works closely with Regulators.

100% transparent welcoming all talents from all horizons; promote diversity and believe in a plural world made of singularities. Fluent in most languages, fast, reliable and always up to the next challenge….If you want to join the team please contact Steve.

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