RequirementONE is fundamentally changing how organizations implement and manage regulatory compliance by combining a modern browser based platform with an integrated Solution Store (think iTunes for Compliance).

Organizations of all sizes need to adhere to local, regional, national and international regulations as well as implementing best practices and industry standards to achieve a competitive advantage. There are disastrous consequences of failing to successfully manage and comply with regulations including significant fines and ultimately commercial failure.

Most companies manage the significant volume of interlinked compliance components using legacy technology, volumes of static documents and high cost consultants – all at significant cost, without an overview of completeness, and with highly complex review cycles.

RequirementONE has successfully delivered a modern browser based platform for actively managing regulatory compliance, substantially reducing the risk for compliance experts and their companies.


Latest Tweets from @RequirementONE

  • "...According to the research, any heavily regulated business sector not prioritising Regtech adoption would risk damaging fines from failing to keep pace with regulatory changes." ,
  • "...regtech provides the ability for firms to scrutinise compliance activity in a holistic way - moving away from a checklist or tick-box and a reactionary mentality." by @profadviser,
  • “While there is largely a solid market for consumer trading and custody, these products do not always meet the needs of institutional investors, whose solutions must meet higher burdens relative to security and regulatory compliance” ,
  • A number of FIs that are in close collaboration with regtech startups have seen improvements in regulatory procedures. Implementation of a CDD/KYC software by a regtech startup at an FI resulted in a 37% improvement in case handling time and efficiencies. ,
  • Thank you to The Transparency Taskforce for hosting the Transparency Symposium. Key take aways: (1) Automation is key for , (2) Transparency is pivotal for economic stability (3) Data quality increases the more transparent you are

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