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Satoshi Systems provides state of the art software solutions for the trading space, currently focusing on the commodity and trade finance business including inventory finance, loan syndications and risk mitigation block chain solutions.

Our newly developed trading platform is a collaborative private eco-system of trade, a space where we enable financing business being executed in an easy, smart and transparent manner for all parties involved. It enables the commodity traders, commodity producers or asset owners in search of a buyer or short term financing solution to find the best quote in the market for their goods.

Similarly, it enables the buyer, the seller and/or the financing party to create and agree an offer for these commodities. It also allows the traders to repurchase specific financed inventory items at a later stage. For the custodians and insurers of the goods, the purchase and repurchase transactions are visible, any details regarding the status or location of these commodities ready to be confirmed at the trade moment.

All parties involved in the trade flow can interact in this a secured and private environment in accordance with their internal limits and risk control systems. It renders the current traditional interactive e-mail based systems entirely obsolete. The solution provides the necessary interfaces to interact with legacy in-house systems for downstream processing and/or reporting.

We deploy latest technologies such as blockchain and internet of things along with traditional web development tools to create an automated deal flow including but not limited to: pre-deal checks, inventory valuations, deal pricing, contract management, trade documentation, inventory reconciliation, collateral management, hedge management, futures instructions, settlements, payments and management reporting.


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