Simple Transfer

The Simple Transfer platform and products are built keeping in mind the digitalisation of money market and its impact on remittance industry.

Simple Transfer is an FCA regulated API (Authorised Payment Institution) online-based money remittance platform for sending payments across the globe. MVP has been launched in May 2019 which is catering for only Bangladesh presently.

Simple Transfer builds on the back of the success of which has significant number of international calling customers to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nigeria etc. Simple Call has served more than 100,000 paid customers. Simple Call has database of more than a million UK based international callers who potentially send money abroad.

Simple Transfer MVP ( focuses on converting’s international callers to remittance customers.

Roll Out Plan:

Phase 1:            MVP – Bangladesh (Convert customers)

(Launched June 2019)

Phase 2:            Add Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Phillipines as pay-out destinations.

(Target Q3 2019)

Phase 3:            Agent based market penetration through POS & online bank account for agents nationwide.

(Target Q1 2020)

Phase 4:            Launch E-Wallet platform. Provide every customer with e-Wallet account with the facility to send money abroad using e-Wallet with ease.

(Target Q2 2020)

Phase 5:            Introduce beneficial services linked with E-Wallet for migrant’s families back home.

(Target Q2 2020)



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