Sovereign Intelligence

Our Mission is to provide commercial and government entities smarter understanding of threats from external and internal sources through the application of deep-learning artificial intelligence and high-fidelity data from otherwise inaccessible domains so that risks to cyber, financial, brand, and enterprise integrity are quickly identified and mitigated.

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  • Sovereign Intelligence Launches New Geodata-Analysis-as-a-Service to Provide Accurate Location Intelligence on a G... ,
  • As futuristic as it sounds, early-stage applications of the Spatial Web or Web 3.0 are already here. Now is the time for leaders to understand what this next era of computing entails. ,
  • AI is only as good as the data sources it draws from. Ingesting alternative data feeds such as satellite imagery and geolocation data could likely make the difference to the accuracy of predictions as we move forward. ,
  • The US on Monday announced another round of sanctions against Chinese entities involved in human rights abuses against Uighurs in the Xinjiang region, reinforcing the importance of conducting third-party vendor due diligence investigations. ,
  • The has issued an official warning regarding bogus airline websites using malicious domains to steal from potential travelers ,

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