The Thalesians

The Thalesians are a think tank of dedicated professionals with an interest in quantitative finance, economics, mathematics, physics and computer science, not necessarily in that order.

We run quant finance talks in New York, London, Budapest, Prague and Frankfurt. Underpinned by a decade of experience in markets at major financial institutions, we publish research, run workshops and also do bespoke projects on systematic trading. We have specific expertise in understanding how Big Data can be used to trade finanical markets. Our clients include RavenPack, a major news analytics vendor.

We have created the PyThalesians Python based financial analysis software library, which we have partially open sourced. PyThalesians provides the essential backbone for our quantitative analysis. We have also published our thoughts on markets in the new book, Trading Thalesians – What the ancient world can teach us about trading today (on Palgrave Macmillan).

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  • RT : excited to be speaking at & in-person & online conference on 19 July in London! I'll be talking about tips & tricks to speed up Python, giving several use cases from finance. Sign up at ,
  • RT : 1. See failure as a beginning. 2. Never stop learning. 3. Assume nothing, question everything. 4. Teach others what you know. 5. Analyze objectively. 6. Practice humility. 7. Respect constructive criticism. 8. Take initiative. 9. Give credit where it's due. 10. Love what you do.,
  • RT : RIP Marco Avellaneda, a great mathematician, a great mentor, a great bon vivant, a great friend.,
  • RT : "Tips and tricks to make Python quicker" a few ideas to try to speed up your code ,
  • RT : We are delighted to announce our partnership with WBS on the new generation of the Machine Learning Institute (MLI). Alex Bilokon (left) and Neil Fowler (right) are working on a state-of-the-art certification programme in delivered from ,

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