The ID Co.

From humble beginnings we started out to change the world. To solve one of the greatest challenges of our time. To create a layer of trust in the internet that empowers us all to do more online, with ease, convenience and safety.

We’ve made a great start already by finding a way to use the best sources of trust, like banks, to prove peoples’ real identity online. Bank data has immense value, both as a source of identity as well for the information inherent within it. Both for the customers who own it and the businesses they want to share it with.

Through our consumer product,

DirectID is our business service, focusing on one time verifications with a frictionless user experience. It combines Bank Verified Identities and Live Financial transaction history with bureau and other data sources to help businesses increase conversions, reduce fraud and make more accurate decisions.

The miiCard Digital Passport is a persistent, consumer-centric identity that can be stored and accessed via web or mobile. Once a customer has created their miiCard, it can be easily used (just like a social login) to access a wide range of sites, prove identity and share personal information.

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