Toucan exists to help us rapidly coordinate a response to our species’ greatest challenge.For too long, harmful practices have freely continued while our economic system fails to incentivize the necessary change. Carbon markets attempt to address this misalignment, but in their current structure are falling short.By improving infrastructure for environmental assets in Web3, we help to solve key market issues: fragmentation, inefficiency, a lack of uniform data, and limited access.

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  • ReFi Zürich is coming up tomorrow! We look forward to convening with you ️ ,
  • RT : Still, at the , our Mentholists are shaping the future of regenerative Finance! Together with our strong network of Guardians, we feel more motivated than ever before. BIG THANKS TO ALL SUPPORTERS 💪 ,
  • Toucans and spent the last week at in Sharm El Sheik With ~40.000 attendees, COP is the world's largest climate conference Policymakers, CEOs, activists & others come together to discuss how to address humanities biggest challenge A
  • RT : FTX is a good reminder for why the G in ESG is so important 🤔 Those of us committed to a blockchain-powered regenerative economy need to take this opportunity to communicate how and can protect us from disasters like FTX.,
  • $1M Grant pool for innovative climate projects We're excited to share that our frens from are supporting innovative founders in the climate space - and if you're one of them, YOU should apply Deadline: Nov 30 How? ,