It’s time to unlock the value of the energy market. Utilidex believes that learning how to better use our energy resources, matching supply with demand, and delivering transparency will create value for all.
Our products are beautifully designed, intuitive to use, and enable you to manage complex portfolios – as producers or consumers of energy – globally.
We use the best technology, work with the best people, and challenge conventional thinking to deliver a transparent, efficient and sustainable energy market.

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  • It’s getting personal! We’re giving you even more opportunities to personalise your Energy.Hub experience. Add, edit and set up new roles, and easily manage group and customer information. Read our latest product updates to find out how.
  • 10 new widgets to answer your questions in seconds. Essential info at-a-glance when you personalise your Energy.Hub dashboard. You’re really in the driving seat with our new features! Find out about these & more updates ,
  • One of the top reasons for billing errors = differences in site data. Use our new 'site comparison tool' to ensure your data isn’t out of sync with your service provider/supplier. Read about our latest updates to find out how. ,
  • We’re excited to launch My Energy Space as part of the Energy.Hub. Customers can share best practice, ideas and help through blogs, vlogs and videos. My Energy.Hub can now be completely personalised to your own branding!
  • Utilidex - Our offer of additional help and support - ,

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