Valamis is an internationally growing IT company that specializes in the digitalization of learning. The company was listed in Gartner’s 2016 Market

Guide for Corporate Learning Suites

As a Representative Vendor of the product Valamis. Valamis – Learning Experience Platform helps customers convert the benefits of digital transformation into a competitive advantage.

Valamis’ customers are large organizations in both the private and public sectors. With its headquarters in Joensuu, Finland, Valamis has offices in Finland, Germany, UK, the US and Russia.

“We at Valamis believe that combining our versatile expertize with leading technologies helps us provide our customers outstanding solutions. Our employees and our customers are in the centre of all our operations. Our daily work is lead by our values: responsibility, openness, development, and customer-orientation.”

The Valamis – Learning Experience Platform is a flexible and easily scalable learning environment, with which your organization can e.g. manage and keep track of employee competences. You can also create versatile learning material, for either your own organization, or your retailers, clients, or other stakeholders. Analytical tools give you good measurable data, which will help you adjust learning material or learning paths into the best version they can be. With certification-feature you can make sure your employees are up-to-date with all regulatory compliances. This is how Valamis helps customers convert the benefits of digital transformation into a competitive advantage.”


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