WiseAlpha Technologies

FCA-authorised, WiseAlpha aims to be a world’s first lending market, offering everyday investors access to senior secured and high yield investments in companies like Virgin, AA and Pizza Express.

These are different to ‘retail corporate bonds’ issued via the London Orb which, in our view, are less attractive with lower interest yields and longer maturities.Everyday investors can access individual senior secured and high-yield investments in the multi-trillion pound institutional bond and loan market without needing £100k-£1m per single investment. WiseAlpha strives to aid the liberalisation and digitisation of the corporate debt markets which, we believe, is one of the next big Fintech growth areas.In our opinion, the institutional debt market has been one of the slowest to move online and create wide investor access. We believe in a fairer investment world, where everyday investors aren’t shut out by the financial elite from accessing the biggest and best investments, hence wiseAlpha was born.

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