Zappy.AI is established to enable Zappy users to spend more time doing what they love to do and less time doing what they have to do.

With Zappy.AI, organizations can achieve increased revenues and reduced costs by freeing up employees for strategic initiatives.

What makes Zappy unique?

  • Zappy Learns and creates an automation by learning user behavior

Our machine learning algorithms learn to automate work by continuously observing user behavior. Once Zappy understands a process, it can automatically generate Zappy tasks to automate repetitive business processes.

  • Zappy reduces business process automation time-to-deploy by more than 90%.

Zappy is highly efficient to create both micro and macro automations. For example, Zappy can automate business processes such as Account Opening, Client Reporting and Account Entry in 1 minute.

  • Zappy is adaptive and constantly evolves with changing processes (Infinite shelf life)

Zappy continuously learns, adding, deleting and editing Zappy tasks based on changing business process.

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