Using Zeeve’s no-code stack, Enterprises, Blockchain Start-ups, Blockchain Consulting companies and Web3 Developers can deploy Blockchain nodes and Decentralised Apps within minutes, and manage them with advanced analytics and real- time alerts.

It supports all the major public blockchain protocols including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Avalanche, and Fantom, while its permissioned protocols include for instance Hyperledger Fabric, Besu, R3 Corda, CordaOS, Fluree, and Dragonchain, among many others. Zeeve also provides Web3 infrastructure plug-n-play services like decentralised storage, decentralised identity, and Blockchain Ledger data APIs, for faster building of DApps (Decentralised App).

In addition to the flexibility, you’ll love the low cost, as it is priced as infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Come and join our community of over 18,000 users, developers, Blockchain startups and enterprises!

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