Adi Ben-Ari

Adi is the Founder & CEO of Applied Blockchain and has over 25 years enterprise software experience, more recently leading major deliveries of production blockchain and confidential computing solutions at global companies including Shell (an investor in Applied Blockchain), Barclays, Toyota, Lloyds Register and the United Nations.

Adi is widely recognised as an independent thought leader in the industry, a noted speaker at major conferences, and acts as an advisor for a number of startups. His work has been noted by the UK Government, where he was invited to present at Parliament, the House of Lords, and at leading academic institutions.

Adi has co-invented and designed a number of patents related to confidential computing, cryptography, blockchain and mobile payments. Adi joined Level39 almost 6 years ago as a startup with Applied Blockchain at their early stages and has grown into a fully active member, benefiting from the exceptional opportunities Level39’s network offers to companies of working together through collaboration, advice and synergies.