Ash Gupta

Ashish is the Head of Digital Transformation for the Derivative businesses at UBS. He previously has over 16 years of experience in the financial services sector developing trading platforms andmanaging trading books at UBS, most recently running the Global Commodities business. He is well regarded for his expertise in financial risk management, passion for innovation and bringing client focused solutions to the business. In his current role he oversees the development of opportunities that integrate both new technology and business models into UBS.

He qualified with a Masters in Engineering, Economics and Management from Oxford, a Diploma in Law from BPP and has completed a certified course at the Said Business School on the commercialisation of Blockchain technology. He is also a member of various Risk, Governance, Platform and Diversity committees that engage across various levels of the organisation.

In combination with roles outside of finance as a founder, mentor, investor and advisor, Ashish can help drive a strategic vision, assist with early stage fundraising strategy, provide insights into governance and regulatory challenges and advise on how start-ups and scale-ups can broaden their influence in the traditional banking sector.