Claudio Casarotti

Claudio spent years in the old school energy and finance economy with some of the biggest names in energy trading, investment banking and management consulting. When the financial crisis hit, he pronto reached for the “Esc” button and embraced new style-modern times entrepreneurship. 

Armed with the belief that you can be collaborative, have a balanced life and make money, he set off on a journey that would bring him into sustainable energy generation, clean trash, rare earths, raw materials trading in places near and far. 

Claudio brings a fresh spirit while bringing on-board investors, negotiating an IPO, advising a CEO on international expansion plans or setting up a trading desk in an emerging market. 

With courage, creativity and analytical rigor, Claudio is a helping brain and hand for assembling revolutionary winning business cases, connecting to financiers and industrial networks, implementing ideas to create a better meaningful future for worldwide communities. 

Recently he has been exploring the world of peer knowledge brokerage and leadership development. He is keen about the emerging London financial tech scene. 

However, the true loves of his life are his adorable twins and wife, triathlons and the perfect bowl of pasta. In no particular order.