Donald H Lawrence

Donald Lawrence is a visiting professor and SME in capital markets, risk management and financial software engineering. A contributor to Level39, NYFTS, IDEALondon, & Start-up Bootcamp and an advisor to numerous early stage entities/startups across the software community.  Lawrence is also a partner at strategy consultancy Genesis Corporation, advising financial services firms in cash/derivative OTC, ETFs, exchange traded products and risk management. Donald Lawrence has extensive senior management experience in positions based in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asian regions for Citibank, Bank of America, American Express. He is affiliated with the ACI-FMA, AFME, CFA Institute, SIFMA, and serves governance roles with CISI, PRMIA and The Foundation for Fund Governance. D.C.

In addition he is the director of UCL’s bespoke internship/graduate apprenticeships programme that encompasses all tier 1 financial institutions. Lawrence’s interests are in investment banking, behavioural finance, software engineering, risk management and quantitative finance. Often matching creative talent to the aforementioned environments in which better solutions can arise that benefit the wider community.