Elina Sokolovska

Elina has closely collaborated with start-up founders for the past 10+ years across companies of 5 to 300 people, initially in customer success and for most of it in product.

She’s currently a Senior Growth Product Manager at Showpiece, previously having been at other fintechs like Wise, Bud and Flux. Elina has experience with a range of B2C/B2B products like analytics, data science, APIs, open banking, digital receipts and payments. She has shipped greenfield products, extensively worked on products at product/market fit stage and currently is purely focusing on growth strategies at Wise.

Elina enjoys mentoring not only start-ups but also junior product people and 12-15 year old girls in hackathons. She’s also an organiser of the largest product meetup in London, ProductTank.

Elina will be able to advise you on all-things-product – starting with high-level product thinking all the way into nitty gritty of how to run a/b experiments. She has made a lot of mistakes along the way and is passionate about sharing learnings and helping more start-ups succeed.