Gillian McLeod

I am an experienced Project Manager Consultant, currently focused on Technology Strategy, Transformation and Cybersecurity.

I have accumulated a vast amount of experience in all areas of business start-ups and SMEs including: financial, marketing, patenting, business planning and business development; investments; go-to-market strategies; M&A and integrations; cybersecurity roadmaps, social media strategies and more. I have established my own company by creating a new mechanical device, which has been patented in the UK and is awaiting approval in various other countries.

I am a regular guest speaker and mentor for young entrepreneurs at Durham University to successfully establish and sustain their business ventures.

I am passionate about economics whether it be researching, developing political and financial speeches or carrying out economic evaluations for various organisations including council led programmes.  Policy research, economic evaluations, strategies and actions plans, feasibility studies and funding bids are all areas that are essential to all new, start-up or developing companies.