Harpreet Singh

Harpreet is an advisor, a financial services specialist and a FinTech enthusiast. As an Executive Director for transformational change specialist Brickendon Consulting, he is responsible for its data and regulatory practices.

Prior to joining Brickendon, Harpreet was involved in the FinTech space as a senior consultant with SuperSolutions- a Minneapolis-based FinTech company which was acquired by Oracle. He also co-founded IMRTI, a one-stop portal to provide various services to returning Indian professionals.

In his current role, Harpreet is involved with various FinTech partners, conducting feasibility analysis and evaluating solutions on behalf of Brickendon. He advises and mentors multiple city-based start-ups in his free time. Harpreet has a wealth of financial services knowledge and experience, having driven the change agenda in banks such as UBS, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup.