James Campbell

James is the Co-Founder and Commercial Director of Walmer Group, a UK-based Innovation Funding Consultancy, specialising in R&D Tax and R&D Advanced Lending. With over 12 years’ experience in sales, business development, trading and financial services, James previously spent 5 years scaling one of Australia’s leading private investment platforms. During this time he worked with Australian and New Zealand start-up, scale-up and small-cap listed companies from various sectors in connecting them with high-net-worth, professional and international investors.

Since moving to the UK in 2017, he has worked with and within a number of fast-growing companies (SaaS, AI and Climate Tech) in their business growth, funding and commercial strategies. James also holds a Master of Finance and Bachelor of Property Economics from the University of Technology Sydney.

Having spent the majority of his career working directly with entrepreneurs, he very much has a startup mentality and understands what makes these companies tick. He is passionate about helping these businesses grow by unlocking R&D, innovation and private funding