John Mitchell

In 2010 John Mitchell left RBS, where he was a senior IT vendor relationship manager, to create sell IT better having recognised that there was a huge need for IT Software & Services companies to significantly improve the way in which they communicate to their potential customers, particularly the banks and large financial institutions. 

Uniquely in the market, sellITbetter provides innovative services to IT software & services companies on how to win more business through informed product positioning (i.e. Who has the problem & who is involved) and effective communication (how do I reach them & what are the processes).… from the perspective of the customer. 

Prior to creating sellITbetter John had a multi decade IT career developing & implementing solutions into virtually all Financial Services business segments. John was also a buyer and not only has he has sat in front of literally thousands of sales people & read hundreds of proposals he has also bought everything apart from telecoms & mainframes. 

This wide ranging and business focused experience has given John an unrivalled view as to how to approach & sell to banks and other financial institutions.