Keith Moses

Since 2004, Keith has been helping to transform small innovative companies with great potential into proactive international businesses with the capability to deal with the challenges of moving into new markets. During this time, Keith has advised hundreds of companies on their approaches to internationalization: where to apply their effort internationally; how to develop an effective and highly efficient sales & qualification process including developing multiple touch points with large companies and how best to manage and mitigate opportunity costs. associated with going global. Keith has experience of many markets: notably, the USA, China, and Brazil, where he maintains a network of contacts from channel partners, large corporates and investors.

Keith created The Great Tech Expedition as a vehicle to showcase fast growing UK start-ups globally. Previous participants include VC backed companies such as Digital Shadows, Shapeblue, Kusiri, Metail, Refme and Show My Homework.

His current role with UKTI gives Keith a great insight into how ambitious start-ups can leverage UK govt. support globally. 

Keith is a graduate of University of Liverpool and he holds an International MBA from Meinders School of Business – AACSB.