Lionel Fournier

Lionel is Head of Business Development & Strategy at Move Digital AG, an established Financial Technology company working with wealth and asset managers, insurance companies and banks to digitalize their front-end platforms. This involves working with a large spectrum of technologies including robo-advisory, regtech, big data analytics and natural language processing/AI.

With 20 years of investment banking experience including global and Managing Director roles, Lionel is an expert in investments/savings and financial assets, and has a deep and practical understanding of the ecosystem of financial institutions and regulators, as well as customer and industry trends.

Lionel’s experience enables him to assist start-ups in delivering their growth strategy by building fruitful partnerships, aligning their products with client demand and competition gap analysis. He can also facilitate interaction with regulators and other senior executives, as well as investors.

Lionel has an MSc in Maths and Computing from Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France) and an MSc in Finance from HEC Paris. In his spare time he is an enthusiastic practitioner of various martial arts.