Michael Grela

Michael Grela, is a creative B2B marketing manager with a flair for sales at Future Processing. He runs an ‘IT Insights’ podcast series focused on the most meaningful topics blending business and technology.

After graduating Law, Michael moved to a tech sector. He worked with both small IT startups as a full-stack sales and marketing officer, as well as large tech enterprises, where he was responsible for the content side of lead generation.

Currently running a Field Marketing team at Future Processing, a software development company. He is focused on Human to Human rather Business to Business approach to marketing. After hours, Michael is an avid road cyclist and an amateur chef.

Michael is looking forward to picking your brains regarding your marketing and sales endeavours, as well as your go-to-market strategy and product development approach. He’s always open to discuss any aspects related to software development life cycle and how to best tackle it.