Nick Pedersen

Nick Pedersen is the global head of NatWest’s automated FX and payments business – FXmicropay, working within the investment banking arm of the RBS Group. He has spent over a decade working in payments and foreign exchange, at both Banks and FinTechs. He works closely with the RBS Group’s innovation teams to support, partner, invest and acquire payments related technology startups.

Nick has helped many startup and incumbent money transfer firms better understand payment processes, currency trading and user experience design, particularly in respect to regulation, compliance and infrastructure. He’s experienced in developing strategies for technology companies to better partner with incumbent banks to achieve scale.

Prior to joining NatWest in 2018, Nick spent six years at Citi covering FinTechs and startups on the FX/payments side, and most recently spent two years as the Managing Director of the payments division of financial technology company Equiniti Group. Nick has a Bachelors of Science degree in Politics from the University of Bristol.