Stefano Tresca

Programmer turned lawyer turned serial co-founder. Stefano has more than 15 years experience in startups, from apps to big corporations (mobile operator, internet provider, online bank, energy market). 

His love for the art of the start, together with his obsession for travelling, brought him to manage projects within 53 countries (and counting), including steel (India), solar panels (China), organic food (Malaysia), fashion (Hong Kong and London), modern art (China again), motorbikes (Thailand), just to name a few. 

He’s often asked to help with lean startup, co-founder agreements, and finding partners. On a more advanced stage, he works on investor deals and regulation. 

How to involve Stefano in a project: 

– The Not-To-Do list: do not pitch “the next Facebook”, something already seen, fancy but useless, or unnecessary complex. 

– The To-Do List: solve a real challenge. Education, energy, cleantech and medtech are most appreciated. However anything simple and innovative can work (If you are not sure, bribe him with good coffee). 

Preferred quote 2013: 

“It’s motivation. Some people are gifted at specific things, but I had to develop. The thing I’m most talented at is the ability to learn.” 

– Kayne West, rapper.