Stephen F Roberts

Stephen was co founder and Head of Commercial for Level39 alumni DigitalGenius. He helped lead the company successfully through Accenture’s Fintech Innovation Lab and worked with the tech team to commercialise the AI and to grow sales through clients and partners such HSBC, KPMG, Unilever, BMW, Panasonic, RBS, Oracle, KLM and many others.

Even though Stephen has founded and sold a number of companies over the years, he says that he will ‘always be a salesman at heart’ and that he can only sell what he believes in. Over the years he has devoted himself to finding unique and compelling ways to engage clients and help them to love the product or service and the team behind the technology.

He helps start-ups and scale-ups to craft their own unique story. He loves working with exciting and motivated people and will only work with organisations where all the team are essentially a family or at least want to be. Why? Because families care for each other and the people around them. Clients ‘buy the people’ in the company before they buy the product. Your people are the first thing you ‘sell’.